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Are you considering dental braces for your smile? Metal orthodontic braces have been around for decades, making them a trusted and safe option for straightening teeth. To learn if you’re a candidate, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists in Ann Arbor, Plymouth, and Clarkston, MI. From there, they’ll be able to help you explore your orthodontic treatment options.

In the meantime, here are the top 5 advantages of choosing traditional metal braces.

1. Smile with Confidence

It’s hard to feel confident about your appearance when you have bite issues or misaligned teeth. This can affect not only your self-esteem, but how you present yourself to the world. For example, you may smile with your lips closed because you’re worried about what other people will think when they see your teeth.

The good news is that we offer a no-judgment zone at all three of our offices. That way, you can get the orthodontic care you need.

2. Improve Your Dental Health

Did you know that crooked, crowded teeth affect more than just the aesthetics of your smile? They can also impact your oral health by making it difficult to brush and floss your teeth.

Once bacteria accumulates on your teeth and gums, it can harden into tartar and contribute to a number of different oral health conditions. For example, people with crooked teeth may have a higher risk of cavities and gum disease.

By straightening your smile, you’re investing in your own oral health. Not only will your teeth be easier to clean, but we can also help you avoid TMJ issues caused by jaw misalignment.

3. Chew Food More Easily

It can be difficult to chew and enjoy foods when your bite doesn’t come together properly. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort while eating, it’s important that you reach out to our office as soon as possible. With orthodontic braces, we’re able to move your teeth and jaws into optimal alignment.

4. Customize Your Dental Braces

During your check-ups, we’ll ask you to choose what colors you want for your new elastic bands. Many patients enjoy being able to pick their colors and may use their braces to show school pride, celebrate the holidays, or support their favorite sports team. The color combinations are endless, which gives you the creative freedom to express yourself during orthodontic treatment.

5. Achieve Beautiful, Predictable Results

Our dentists are able to precisely control the movement of your teeth and jaws with metal braces. This means that you’ll be able to achieve your dream smile in a manner that’s both safe and effective. During your initial consultation, one of our dentists will explain what you can expect during orthodontic treatment and what kind of results you can hope to achieve.

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Our dentists in Plymouth, Ann Arbor, and Clarkston, MI, are accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment and learn if you’re a candidate for metal braces, please call any of our convenient Main Street Dentistry locations. You may also fill out our online contact form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon.